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"it's more than just recording the's about capturing the feeling."


The vision

A year ago I had an idea. To film a wedding in one of the most artistic, dreamlike ways possible. A "creative edit" if you will. I wanted to step aside from documenting the wedding day where everything is laid out clearly, and you see the entirety of the event. Instead, this is to capture the visual emotion of what is shared between you both on you're wedding day. To take it a step further, your day is being captured it in a hyper-stylistic manner that grabs the viewer's attention. Giving you a wedding video that stands apart - even from my own work.   

The concept

This is for those couples who want an adventure. Maybe you're running through the downtown streets of your city, holding each other ankle deep in the ocean or screaming about your love from the mountaintops (literally). Let's create something beautiful with those who appreciate the little things, listen to good music, or are obsessed with seeking out those hidden food gems. Couples who want to say "I Do" for themselves, not for the crowd.

Your wedding will be captured with this new style in mind. Something artistic and full of emotion. A film you'll want to watch over and over. The photos, the sermons, the speeches - those are all big picture. Instead let's push the focus on the details of your day. Closeups of the getting ready process, the attire, the florals, the meaningful pieces of jewelry. Your choices & personalities shouldn't be an afterthought, they're in the starring role!

The Package

6 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

Aerial Drone Footage If Applicable* 

6-10 Minute Wedding Film

1 Minute Social Media Film 

High Definition Video File On Personalized USB

USB Comes With Personalized Keepsake Box

Travel** & Equipment Expenses