Alex + Erin


Rocking the big blue on a day of white // 7-22-17

Even though I live in Louisville, I've always been a fan of Lexington. We get a pretty good number of weddings from our neighboring city, and I've always loved the feeling of downtown. 

This wedding day screamed of all great things about Lexington. From the Brides garter with a UK pendant, to the Grooms socks with a UK Wildcat. We had pictures taken in Triangle Park & Rupp Arena. It was a classic Lexington day.

A special place the guys stopped at was the first ever house the Bride owned when she was in school. You'll immediately recognize the house in the video as it's painted with crazy, loud colors. Not only did the bride live there, but Alex eventually moved in that house with her. It was their first house together and if that's not incredibly special, Erin had no idea that Alex took the guys there for pictures. 

This was my first time getting to experience The Carrick House. From its open window architecture, to the indoor waterfalls and the rooftop party space, I was blown away by this wonderful venue. Definitely check it out if you get a chance!!

By the end of the night, I was very thankful to have the opportunity to capture this special story. I'm sure you'll feel grateful for having watch these two start their married lived together!

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