What a gorgeous first look on the rooftop of the Brown Hotel! It’s easily one of the greatest views of downtown Louisville, and where we found most of our time capturing the lovely wedding day of Andrew & Meghan.

Before we can get to the sunset footage, we can’t pass up how fun it was in the suite where the girls were all getting ready. The room was packed full of everyone there for Meghan. From her mother and sisters, to her large group of bridesmaids - everyone was super relaxed and having a blast. It’s hard not to have a blast when you have your own exclusive bottle of Maker’s Mark! And as you can see from all the jumping around and dancing, Meghan was a ton of fun. Her personality was a blast to be around, and she was so welcoming. Certainly makes the day even better! After the dress was slipped on, and the dance party ensued - we moved on up to where Andrew was waiting to see his Bride for the first time!

Like I said the backdrop from the roof is breathtaking. It’s seriously the greatest spot for a first look…and photos, and bridal party photos, and more photos during sunset - you get the idea. As you can see in the wedding film, we spent a great amount of time up here getting some incredible stuff. What’s not to like from slow motion walking and tossing the groom up insanely high in the air?!

We all arrived at St. Boniface and had a lovely ceremony where Andrew and Meghan once again proceeded to make everyone smile by dancing, jumping and ultimately celebrating their new titles as Husband and Wife!

Now that it was sunset, you can absolutely guarantee we’re going to find ourselves back up on the roof where I had the incredible opportunity to capture some of my favorite footage of the year. And I truly mean this - their sneak peek alone is easily some of my favorite work - all thanks to an incredible couple mixed with the most perfect lighting you could ask for.

As you can guess from their personalities, the reception was a blast. It always helps to have a live band get the entire crowd out of their seats to dance the night away. Paired with Mimi’s Homemade Bourbon Balls and a very sweet speech from Meghan’s father - it was truly a night to remember.

Filming this day was an honor and a pleasure - I couldn’t be happier with how their film turned out. Show these two some love and check out their wedding story above!

- Bryan

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