ben + catherine



Easily one of my favorite weddings

I headed up to Rockport, Indiana on one of the most beautiful fall days of the year. Thank God for the weather because the wedding venue was incredibly gorgeous. I can’t wait to head back if I get the chance.

The scenery was gorgeous, the sun was out on a day that was supposed to rain, and the colors were vibrant and alive. And once Ben and Catherine had their first look, the day was filled with laughter and just an all around great vibe. Also, let’s just freak out about how amazing Catherine’s dress and Ben’s suit is. Catherine’s sleeves fit the day so perfectly, and the color of Ben’s suit had me blown away at such a perfect choice. I love these unique decisions from this incredible couple!

After a quick session with the wedding party, it was time to move up the hill to the breathtaking ceremony spot which looked over the valley. The ceremony was lined up perfectly with the sun beginning it’s evening decline - giving the ceremony a dreamy yellow look. I was smiling the entire time - I’m so super lucky to capture this one.

After the ceremony, we took the couple for some time alone and matched their beauty with the nature surrounding them. Sunset made this a reality and I’m so pumped to see the footage turn out so well.

Another big reason I love this location is the fact that the reception spot is always lit perfectly! I hate when I have to use my external light, and I’m not about to set up a spotlight and ruin the mood at a reception. So, thank God for the stringed lights across the buildings! The decor of this day was also just absolutely perfect. The vibe completely fit this couple - from the cake and pies to the gorgeous bouquets, to the dishwater used on the head table — perfect!!

A huge reason why I fell in love with this day and this couple was their taste in music, and how important it was to them. Catherine walked down the aisle to The Flaming Lips, their first dance was Talking Heads - when Catherine contacted me she mentioned some of their favorites like Bon Iver, My Morning Jacket, LCD Soundsystem, and The XX - I mean come on!! How lucky can I get?

I love this film - I love the music choices, and I love the imagery connected to it all. I can’t rave enough about this day enough! Show these two some love and check out their full film above!!

- Bryan

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