ben + rachel



 These two are so amazing!

I was super excited for this day for so many reasons! First, I was finally able to check out the Ice House. I had never been but always wanted to see inside this building I would pass on occasion while downtown. Second, it seemed that Ben and Rachel were super awesome people, and I couldn’t wait to see how awesome this day was going to be.

The first good sign of the day was that the Ice House was amazing! And I soon met the photographers I was working with for the day, Jessica and Sarah. They were both super nice, and we were working like a team in no time!

We finally got to the first look. If you saw out sneak peek on Instagram, you know how perfect this location was, and how amazing the wind was working with us. Ben’s reaction also completely seals the deal. Guys can be pretty macho with their emotions. I get it, theres a bunch of cameras on you and you gotta keep it together, but I’ll just say it right here - Any guy that let’s it all go is a winner in my book. (plus that content is a win)

I was right, Ben and Rachel were both so incredible. Super nice people who were more than happy to have us tag along on their special day. Whatever we said, they did and then brought it to the next level!

This day is sure to bring a smile to your eye - show these two some love and check out their full video above.

Until next film,

- Bryan

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