bobby + conny



Probably my favorite wedding of the year so far...

I've written about this before, but when I get to film a wedding with a different culture than the standard, I'm always filled with joy. I love witnessing new traditions, styles, and events during such a special day.

For this wedding, I was able to witness some incredible new traditions and details that I haven't seen before. Like having someone translate the ceremony sermon into Spanish, having signs and programs be printed in both English and Spanish, there was even a Mariachi band!

The reception felt so much more communal than it normally is. Maybe it was the seating, but I also feel as if it was the people. Everyone was friendly, loving and so incredibly nice. I've seen a money dance before, but I've never seen the money be actually pinned on the person! It's little things like that which totally just make my day and make it that much easier to share this story.

Bobby & Conny are two incredible people. I am beyond thankful for their love and that I was the one to capture it in what is easily one of my new favorite venues ever!!

You have to experience this day and tell everyone else about it as well!

Until the next film,

- Bryan

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