brandon + chelsey



It felt like I heard from these two years ago! Not entirely true, but when their weekend arrived, I was pumped to hang with Brandon & Chelsey for the day.

I’ll start retelling my experience with some truth - I was super sick on this day. When I first arrived where Chelsey was getting ready my fever broke, and I must have had a stomach bug or something because I was basically the walking dead. The big reason why I’m saying this is to just praise the type of people that Brandon & Chelsea are. They were super understanding, incredibly nice about the obvious struggle displayed only my face and I couldn’t be happier for their generosity.

Once Brandon showed up for the first look, and after a quick pic with their dog, it was time for photos around downtown Louisville - including a classic location, the Heigold mansion facade.

The ceremony was inside the always gorgeous St. Boniface, and it went flawlessly. After some pictures at the church we rushed over to the Henry Clay for the big celebration to begin!

The Henry Clay always sets up a breathtaking reception spot on their second level. The guests enjoyed their cocktail hour and then moved into the grand ballroom to get ready for the wedding party to enter. Which lead to my favorite part of the day: Brandon and Chelsey entering the reception in a similar style to the Blues Brother - and Brandon with the moves to back it up!

From the White Castle cake and actual WC burgers, to the incredible dance party that ended the night all the way outside through the sparklers - the reception party was truly a great experience and even though I felt like garbage - the entire was far from being a disappointment.

I’m so happy the film turned out, and I think you will all love it!

- Bryan

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