Cinematography For Hire


We here at BSC completely understand the small business budget.

Our goal in this is to get together with local businesses and give them an opportunity to showcase to their customers what they do best - all in an informative video at a realistic price.

We’re looking for the Makers, Artists, Chefs, Designers, Planners, and Creators who took a chance and opened their business to make their city great!

We would love to create a film that stands apart and presents to the world what makes you, uniquely you.

Give us a shout below!


Social Media Rate // $500

Two Hour Coverage - Two 30 sec highlight videos for your big event, new product or store - no audio needed - perfect for social media sharing 

Business Highlight Rate // $1000

Four Hour Coverage - A 1 minute cut, using high quality audio, to showcase the latest innovation or to make the next big company announcement

Mini Documentary Rate // $2000

Six Hour Coverage - A 2-3 minute documentary perfect for the “About Us” page - give your audience the best insight to who you are as a maker



All images and music are owned by buyer. These videos can be posted anywhere without any legal issue. 

Turnaround time

Standard turnaround time is 14 business days. If you need a rush turnaround, please specify before the shoot date.


All products come with a round of revisions if necessary. Depending on request, revisions will take up to an additional five business days.

subject to change

The above rates may change slightly depending on the size or timeline of the shoot.