Carson + claire


This dress, those florals, their smiles // 4-22-17

 It's a rare thing, but this film made me shed a tear.

Of course, it's not my own work that made me cry, it's the obvious love shared between these two wonderful people.

I wasn't able to meet up with these two before the wedding, so going into a wedding shoot blind is always a nervous time. Luckily I was greeted with Claire and her wonderful smile and I knew immediately I was going to have a blast. And I definitely wasn't disappointed when I saw her dress. I was blown away by how incredible it was, especially the sleeves. She pulled it off perfectly. I was so excited for Carson to finally see his Bride. Which he finally did at the first look.

At this moment, when the groom sees his bride, my friends at Firm Anchor Photography and myself realized we hit the jackpot. Here in front of us was true love in the form of a beautiful couple and for the next hour we just pointed our cameras in their direction, letting them do the rest for us. I've said it before, it makes the job easy when the couple is so in love with each other that they forget there's cameras pointed right at them the whole time. We had a blast!

Another great moment we had, and why I love working with Firm Anchor, was when the groomsmen were asked to give Carson some advice on marriage. All the guys had some incredible things to say and it was truly a powerful moment. And when the bridesmaids were asked to tell Claire what they loved about her, it made us all realize how humble and beautiful on the inside she truly is. A wonderful moment I'm sure I won't forget.

The ceremony was beautiful. The pictures with the family was fun. And the party was just getting started.

I could tell the wedding party was going to have a good time at the reception, but I wasn't expecting everyone in the entire room to get on that dance floor. I literally added some extra time at the end of the video so I could show how incredible the night was.

Show this incredible couple some love and watch their film in full. I promise it will put a smile on your face!!!

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