daniel + chrissy



When I met with Daniel and Chrissy to talk about their big day, I was immediately told about a common theme seen on this day - confetti. It was at that point that I knew I was in for an incredible experience.

I love showing up at weddings where people have either seen my work or have had direct experience with me in the past. Mainly because it allows me to not panic and be super comfortable sticking a camera in people’s faces, ha! Back in 2017 I filmed Natalie’s wedding - she and her sister are in the wedding party for this one, and Chrissy was previously in Natalie’s - making this a reunion of sorts, which always makes me happy to experience.

When the first look was planned with Daniel and Chrissy, the weather was perfect, the sun was starting its descent, and the surrounding nature made this truly breathtaking. Plus, I was working with one of my favorite photographers, Morgan Berry Gould, and we make gold happen!

We had a great window of time for photos with the couple, the full party and were even able to walk to the venue entrance for a perfect location with the family and some more with the wedding party and just them. As I said before, the sun was just starting to drop, so the backlighting was dreamlike.

If you pay attention to the end of the Ceremony, you certainly can’t miss the confetti cannons starting Daniel & Chrissy’s exit, but best of all - these are homemade confetti cannons made by Chrissy’s dad. And because they’re homemade, they can be used over and over - we knew what had to happen next. Of course, then comes my favorite part - slow motion cannon blasts. It worked out so perfectly, and I’m so glad we enough light left to make it happen. Easily a top highlight of the year!

I’ll end this little write-up by making a quick comment on how hard this wedding partied the night away at the reception - when you have a specific moment in the dance party to pass out and take Fireball shots while the Pitbull song plays, you know it’s going to be insane!! I had blast partying with this crew, and I’m so excited to share their wedding film with you all.

Until the next film,

- Bryan

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