darren + liz



 Starting out our day at 21c - I arrived at the best suite in the hotel where Liz was getting ready. I absolutely love this location as it’s basically surrounded by windows for that good natural light, and it has such a perfect view of the city of Lexington. 21c is also a great place to get ready at because then you can utilize the museum aspect of the hotel and get some great shots around the art!

We then went on to Keeneland so that Darren and Liz could talk with each other (without sneaking any peeks) in order to ease some of the nervousness of the day. The ceremony spot was perfect! Letting in a great amount of light, while at the same time shading us from the harsh sun. There’s nothing worse than sweating during your ceremony!

Some of my favorite shots of the day came after the ceremony when Ben from Firm Anchor Photography suggested that Darren and Liz go on a little walk to have that rare, special time together on a wedding day. The sun was setting and I was super excited about the footage I was getting because of it!

The whole rest of the night everyone kept talking about the big exit. I’ve seen it done before, but I’ve never had the chance to capture that picturesque exit through sparkler showers lining the driveway. When it came, it was perfect in every way! I love it so much I just had to make it the cover photo for the film.

Loved this night, and I know you will too! Show these two some love and check out their full highlight above!

Until next film,

- Bryan

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