davin + katlyn



Backyard weddings are tricky. Essentially what you’re doing is creating a wedding venue out of your house. You need parking, bathroom access, and of course, plenty of space to not only have your wedding ceremony, but also your reception. I’ve done many backyard weddings and only a few have been able to pull it off completely. I’m happy to say that for Davin and Katlyn, this day was an absolute win!

The day started out with Davin and his groomsmen all gathering to do the thing that brought them together in life – playing soccer. As a player and a huge fan of the sport myself, it was both hilarious and fun to watch these guys play against each other. I was certainly impressed with how well they kept up and made it entertaining to see.

 Once I arrived at Katlyn’s parent’s house, I was blown away by how perfect everything looked. The setting was perfect – huge stretches of land, a reception space that wasn’t under a tent (thank God), and a ceremony spot that was perfectly tied together, Church pews and all.

Katlyn & Davin both shared gifts with each other before their first look, which created a great emotional moment for them as they entered the reality of their wedding day. And the emotion continued in a huge way when Katlyn had a first look with her Dad and then her Bridesmaids. Sure, some makeup had to be touched up, but it definitely made for some perfect moments

It was quite the sunny and hot day so we opted for the front porch to be the perfect setting for their first look. It was an emotional experience as the excitement grew for what was to come. Thankfully, the ceremony went off without a hitch!  And as the sun started to set, the lighting heightened the emotion as the image in front of us all was truly breathtaking.

I loved the moments after the ceremony when we had Katlyn and Davin alone because the timing of the sunset and the wide-open fields we were in, truly produced some of my favorite looking video of recent memory. All I could do was smile while pointing the camera in their direction.

 The setting for the reception was just as perfect. The florals were gorgeous, the tables were set beautifully, and everyone in attendance seemed to be having a blast. And as the sun set and the wedding party was called in, everyone settled down to celebrate and dance the night away.

 It was an honor filming this beautiful day. I will certainly remember it for quite some time! 

 Until the next wedding film,

- Bryan

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