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When I created the Adventure Package, I was looking for people to put their trust in me as I set out to create a wedding video, unlike anything you’ve seen before. It doesn’t work unless the Bride and Groom can picture it in their minds and be fully on board. Lucky for me, Lindsey stumbled on my site and found exactly what she was looking for.

When Lindsey first reached out, she said she was, “looking for something that stands out in contrast to the typical light, airy, emotional wedding video. We want our video to be stylized and unique.” And after talking with her some more, I immediately knew this was going to be a perfect match. Not only did the pair love the concept, but they also wanted to share with the world that there are more options out there for anyone wanting something unique for their wedding day. This was actually going to be pretty easy for them to do because Lindsey runs a very successful fashion blog online, along with having an Instagram of over 30k followers.

Starting the day out I knew a lot of people were probably going to be seeing this - so I let that fuel my excitement for another opportunity to shoot in this style. By the time I arrived, the guys were ready, and Lindsey was finishing up her make-up. This is always a perfect time to capture the small details that sometimes can be over-looked - but Lindsey thrives on sharing those details, so needless to say, I had the most perfect set up to film. And the way the sun was shining through the windows made this room the most perfect place for her to get her dress on. Give me silhouettes all day!

I’ve known the photographer of the day for a while now, but I haven’t had the chance to work with Anna May Photography until this day. I loved every minute with her, and her set-ups and ideas were fantastic. Check out her photos from the day HERE. Once we had the chance for a perfect first look, it was time to focus our cameras just on our couple for a while, showcasing Ethan’s suit alongside Lindsey’s dress. They not only compliment each other in style but in personality as well - truly a lovely couple!

Speaking of lovely - make sure to peek this candlelit ceremony. The light through the windows as the sun started to set, and the numerous lit candles made this moment truly a dream. Simple, moody and powerful - a perfect combination for a such a special moment. That mood would immediately transfer to the reception where literally the only light came from candles. The crowd was small enough that this didn’t seem like a wedding people had to go to, it was more a gathering where everyone knew each other - a communal and intimate celebration for some excellent people. People gathered to laugh, eat, share stories, and drink. Which of course leads us to the cake cutting - except instead of cake it was champagne, and instead of cutting it was pouring onto a giant champagne tower. Not a bad way to end the night!

I love this film. I loved filming it, but I absolutely loved piecing it together and having my vision come to life. This is the fourth Adventure Package wedding and I’m finding I love these more and more. If anyone reading this far into the blog is interested in having their day captured in a unique way, give me shout!

Show these two some love and check out their full highlight film above - and then check out Lindsey’s blog HERE!

- Bryan

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