evan + emily



It was the hottest day of the year - but man on man was it still a great day!

It was time to head back to Garden Court so Evan could see Emily for the first moment of the day. Their First Look was wonderful. Emotions were calmed and the pictures were started. 
It was so incredibly easy to capture these two. Being in love, and ready to get married, makes it so easy for us to document. And even though it was blazing outside, Evan, Emily, and the entire wedding party were incredible sports about the whole situation. 

The ceremony, while in person seemed perfectly fine, was a little rocky for both Melissa & Gary and me. Our cameras weren't cooperating, my secondary camera was flashing that it was too hot, and my lens would change focal length with a press of the focus button. It was stressful, hot and sweaty - but you know what? It worked out. And even better, it worked out in the edit as well. It's always a worry for us Videographers - you can't miss the important stuff - but even during the most hectic of times out of your control, it always seems to work out. And I'm so glad it worked out for Evan & Emily.

If you're reading this before watching the film, what are you doing?! Get to watching! You have to see how amazing their Reception was, and the photos taken at Sunset, around the grounds of the mansion, are absolutely stunning.

Show these two some love!

Until next film,

- Bryan

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