This Week’s Featured Wedding

“ethan + lindsey”


If you’re new to site, I have a secret wedding package called The Adventure Package - It’s creative, unique, and unlike anything you’ve seen before - this is literally what Ethan + Lindsey were searching for. This was also the wedding I had been searching for. I loved focusing on the dark and moody vibe. And when the cake cutting is replaced with a champagne tower pour, you know it’s going to be a wedding like no other. Loved piecing this one together!

Lindsey is a lifestyle blogger (Weekend Wishing) who’s a much better writer than I am. She wrote an entire post dedicated to her thoughts on their wedding film, and experience working with myself. I’m so blown away by how nice she was about the entire thing that I’m just going to let her do the talking!

Please go read her blog about their WEDDING VIDEO, and then check out her full post on her ENTIRE WEDDING, which heavily features the amazing photography of ANNA MAY from that day.

And if you still want to read more, check out their personal WEBPAGE on my site to read about the event from my perspective.


sneak peek

These are usually my favorite because the music I get to work with is super cinematic and creates a pleasant experience, making the viewer wish for more.

It’s more than just recording the event…it’s about capturing the feeling.