jeffrey + samantha


a perfect location for a perfect story // 8-12-17

Being an Art teacher the past five years has lead me to a higher appreciation for all spectrums of the arts. When I was told this wedding was going to take place inside of the Speed Art Museum, I knew it was going to be so, so good. Little did I know, it exceeded my expectations!

The wedding day started out exactly like most days, except this time I brought my wife along to help me out in capturing everyone on the bride's side of the party getting ready. Everyone was so incredibly nice and welcoming. Samantha's mother kept trying to get us to eat the food laid out on tables. Laughter constantly filled the house as the anticipation of the day grew and grew. Samantha was incredibly wonderful to shoot. Never a shy moment in front of the camera, often playing up the situation and giving everyone a smile.

Once she was finished slipping into the wedding dress, and everyone settled down after an emotional moment of seeing Samantha in the gown, we left her parent's house and headed over to St. James Court for the first look!

The first look came and went. Jeffrey visibly at ease after seeing his stunning bride. Everyone in the wedding party was gathered and plenty of hugs were shared. The group was ready to have a killer time as photos proceeded to continue and finish. Then, it was off to the Speed!

If you live in Louisville, and haven't visited the Speed, please do yourself a favor and go! I've been to some of the greatest museums in the world and after my first visit, I literally told my wife that I couldn't believe we had such a polished and impressive museum in our own little city.

As you'll see in the wedding film, there is a small ceremonial tradition that is performed where the Bride and Groom sign what is called The Ketubah. A marriage contract in Jewish ceremonies that details the duties and practices of a Godly marriage. Being as this was my first Jewish wedding, I was incredibly blessed to experience such a tradition. I've said this before with other weddings I've done in the past, I love seeing the different practices from across the many different cultures of this world.

And experiencing a full Jewish ceremony just added to the incredible experience of having a wedding inside an insanely impressive, modern landscape. Any filmmaker or photographer will tell you, the more natural light, the better, and having a room that's made entirely out of windows was just pure perfection!

After the ceremony, we stole the couple and walked all over the museum utilizing the incredible art on the inside, and the gorgeous architecture on the outside. Some of these images and shots from outside are easily going to be my favorite shots of my own. Like I said before...truly blessed.

Finally, we came to the reception. Fully decked out in some of the most impressive decor visuals I've seen at a wedding. Lauren Chitwood and her team are incredible. I've worked a good number of her events and everything is always breathtaking.

The night moved forward and it was easily some of the most fun I've ever had. The band dominated the Hora! Everyone was out on the dance floor all night. There was a taco truck outside!! I was floored and amazed, and a smile never left my face. 

This is truly a special wedding and I'm so happy with how it all turned out. PLEASE give these two some love and share this experience with them.

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