jesse + haley



Finally, a perfect fall wedding day!

Let me start with a little backstory. My wife, Taylor, always told me about this shopping trip she would take with the ladies of her family to the town of Glendale, KY. This small town would throw a massive flea market/vendor show called the Glendale Crossing Festival where thousands of people would come from all over to shop and experience the festivities. Fast forward to when I hear from Jesse about their wedding and I come to find out how mother started the very festival I just mentioned. At that point, I knew it was meant to be! And to make it even better, my wife was able to tag along for the day!

Once I pulled into the town of Glendale, I could have sworn I stepped into a movie set. The town seemed to be preserved over the years and gave us this incredible welcoming feeling. It’s very much a blink and you miss scenario, but I immediately knew it would be the perfect backdrop for a fall day such as this.

The bed and breakfast where the ceremony was taken place looked straight out of a catalog - decorated perfectly for not only the wedding but the season as well. Considering I love the fall, I was smiling ear to ear. The smile grew once I met Jesse and Haley. Two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. They were excited to have me there, and that always puts a pep in my step. I was so pumped for the day to begin.

After everyone got dressed and ready we had a super sweet moment with the first look between our bride and groom. You can always tell when a couple is madly in love, and it’s usually during the first look when it’s abundantly clear. At this moment the sun was giving up some perfect lighting for some quick photos before the ceremony began. The color of this day was blowing me away.

A note for anyone getting married outside - get married about three hours before the sun sets! Your ceremony will be gorgeous, and the photos afterward will be even better! Just watch the whole video as proof!

This wedding was small and intimate - unique to the couple and incredibly chill. The vibe from the reception was just that. Everyone sitting back, having a special fall drink, eating a donut and relaxing under the stars. It was more a reunion of friends and family than a polished and stiff evening in tuxes. Seriously a perfect night that ended with an even more perfect sparkler exit.

I loved everything about this day. Getting opportunities like this is why I started in the first place. Show these two some love, get cozy, and experience this beautiful love story.

- Bryan

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