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When I first met Joe and Whitney months before their big day, I immediately knew that I was going to have a blast with them. And when that day finally came, my expectations were met.

I was very excited to return to one of my favorite venues in Louisville KY, the Speed Art Museum.  As you can see in the video, where their weddings are held is the perfect scenario for when you want to be inside on a hot day, but have the natural light you get from an outdoor ceremony – truly the ideal situation for the best image quality. Obviously it’s a dream as a Wedding Videographer. Plus, everything inside is just as beautiful as the grounds outside - there isn’t a bad place to get your picture taken.

One of my favorite moments from the entire day was Whitney’s entrance into the ceremony. One of the best parts of not having a first look between the bride and groom is experiencing the groom’s reaction to seeing his bride for the first time.  And what a great image it is to see the love of your life walking down a gorgeous staircase. Easily a top moment I’ll remember from this year.

As always, it’s great working with people you know, and I love working with Morgan Berry Gould. As a photographer she gets things done, and even though she doesn’t have to do this, she always makes sure I get what I need before moving on to another shot. So, needless to say we killed it, and after the ceremony we took our newlyweds outside as the sun was setting to capture their love together. And while all of that was happening, the Speed was finishing up the elaborate and gorgeous reception settings.

The reception went off without a hitch, and the Louisville Crashers killed it as always! They know how to set the mood and make sure that the party does not stop. But of course, the party does have to stop at some point, but how perfect of a way to finish the night then with everyone lined outside, sparklers in hand, cheering in excitement as our newlyweds drove away.

 I love how their film turned out and I’m sure you will too. Show these two some love and check out their full highlight film above.

- Bryan

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