jonathan + caroline



Christmas is my favorite holiday - and when you’re getting married this close to the celebration, you better believe Santa is going to show up!

I was super excited for this day. From what I was told, the reception was going to be unlike anything I had ever seen before in the Olmsted. And when I arrived at Caroline’s parent’s house and saw how heavily decorated they were for Christmas, I knew it was going to be an incredible day.

After getting ready, taking some pictures, and a sweet and emotional first look with Dad, Caroline and her girls piled into their trolley and headed over to St. Boniface for the ceremony. After a quick chance to meet Jonathan, the groom, the ceremony started and everything turned out perfectly! Took some quick photos with family, the full wedding party altogether, and our bride and groom together at last - then it was off to the party!

Turns out, Caroline is related to the family that owns The Olmsted - so imagine my surprise when I walk in and the rumors were correct…I’ve never seen The Olmsted look this amazing!! From the hanging florals above the wedding party table to the completely iced out Champagne bar, to the actual bar four times as big as I’ve ever seen it - I was blown away, frantically running around trying to capture every little detail before the grand introduction of our Bride and Groom.

Once everyone was seated, speeches were made, and cake was eaten - we moved into the dances where the rest of the party would take place. Like I said before, Santa showed up! And the best thing about it was Jonathan & Caroline had no idea it was happening. A nice touch for an incredible evening.

The party ended with all of the men in Caroline’s family singing “My Girl”, a family tradition, as everyone donned Santa Hats and got ready for the confetti exit. As you can see in the image above - this was no ordinary confetti exit. Every single person in attendance was handed a confetti canon and let them all off at the same time. You can barely even see Jonathan & Caroline until I ran up to get closer to them - it was insane and I’m soo glad I captured it in slow motion because it is truly a sight to see.

I had such an amazing time with this event and these wonderful people. Show these two some love and check out their full wedding film above!

- Bryan

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