jordan + madison



It was the middle of December and still a perfect day for a wedding!

It’s no secret - I love overcast days. Even when I’m not filming or taking pictures, I love a good overcast vibe. More importantly, however these types of days seriously are perfect for weddings! I often hear how excited people are about having the sun out for their wedding, especially when the weather called for rain. It takes everything I can to not say something about the fact that I, and I’m sure the photographer, really wish the clouds were around. I’d very much rather have sun than rain, but clouds still win overall.

So imagine my excitement when this wedding day started. It was a bit chilly, but that’s why you get yourself a gorgeous fur coat! Jordan & Madison both were champs in this weather. They knew how important taking pictures were, and they were super nice about letting me and Josh (Bella Grace Studios) get what we needed.

After a quick first look with Madison’s dad and then, of course, our groom, Jordan - we traveled to the Louisville Water Tower for some breathtaking photos with our couple and their wedding party. Everything about this location, the weather, and the people involved made the beginning of this day absolutely perfect. At the time, I knew I was going to love editing these visuals together (I was correct).

The rest of the day went off without a hitch. First stopping at St. Boniface for the ceremony, and then heading off to The Olmsted for the reception and the party to begin!

I had a blast with not only getting to know these two, but also piecing together the highlights from their big day. Show them some love and watch their full film above!

Until the next film,

- Bryan

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