Mark + Kelly


This is easily the most unique wedding to date.


First, let me explain what’s going on. I was approached by Kelly & Mark with this amazing idea to head out West and film them getting married in Napa Valley - the thing is, they weren’t really getting married. Instead, they wanted to film a video that fakes them getting married. Then, at their real wedding in Louisville, they would show the video, tricking everyone in attendance (including their own family who had no idea they even went out West) that they really got married. But, as you’ll see in the video below, something happens in the end that brought on even more hilarious, confusion.

Watch their California video below!


Once the video ended at the wedding in Louisville, the curtains were raised and the REAL wedding began!

I had the most incredible time getting to know Mark & Kelly on the California trip. And getting to witness their big day, and film it as well, was truly an honor. Seeing everyone’s reaction to the video above completely made sense as to why Mark & Kelly wanted to do it in the first place. Their wedding was so incredibly special. It was the first wedding in the newly renovated and launched Filson Club in downtown Louisville. The venue worked out so perfectly for everything, and it absolutely fit this amazing couple.

Watch the highlight of their big wedding day below!


And just for fun, here’s everyones live reactions synced up to when they were watching the California video. Everyone’s expressions are absolutely both hilarious and heart warming. This was truly one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in this business, and I’m so thankful for Mark & Kelly for putting their full trust in me with this whole new experience.


I absolutely love this idea. Heading somewhere and filming our couples before their big day, and then showing it on the wedding day. What better way of showing the guests at your wedding then with a lifestyle video in your favorite places on earth!

If anyone else wants to make this happen, hit us up! Let’s adventure together!!

Until next film,

- Bryan

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