nate + morgan


make it lane // 7-9-16

I love having the opportunity to capture the story of people I know. Those wedding days tend to feel a little less like work, and more like a party! Not like I don't think every wedding is a party, but when my wife and newborn baby are in attendance, I'm having a blast!

My wife's family has known Nate & Morgan for quite some time. When you grow up going to the same church, you tend to keep up with each other's lives. So when we found out they were engaged, I thought, "I should totally capture their wedding!" I reached out to Morgan and we made it happen!! 

Their day was a ton of fun! From the amazing hidden gem of an Air BnB, where the girls got ready, to the breathtaking views of downtown Louisville on the roof of the Frazier museum. Visually, this was ideal for a huge celebration.

And how in love is this couple?! To me, a film should always show more than say. You can listen to someone talk about how much they love their significant other all day long. But, when you take away the audio, can you see the love? When they smile, is it for their spouse or the camera?

I think you'll agree; Nate is head over heels in love with Morgan. 

And that, my friends, is more important than anything else I could ever say.

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