patrick + shelby



 The perfect weather for a wedding at Mellwood.

Started the day at this gorgeous Airbnb right in the middle of The Highlands - I’ve been through Bardstown Rd. many times, but I’ve never stopped to admire some of the houses right on the strip. Obviously, someone has because they created one of the cutest houses on the block! I love this idea of renting an Airbnb for the entire squad to get ready in. Plus, you don’t have to clean up your house!

Shelby’s dress was breathtaking - and you can tell by the girls’ reactions that it’s true. We picked the best spot for her to get ready in. Natural light always makes for great footage!

After leaving the house, we headed to Mellwood Arts center. I’ve only been here once - coincidentally the last time I was here was to film the wedding of one of Patrick’s groomsmen (Chad + Alexis).

The ceremony spot was perfect! The linens draped across the walkway made this spot even better, especially giving a pretty good group of shade on a sunny day like this. But, what really stole the show at this location was the reception space. The decor was top notch and I think really reflected the atmosphere and personality of what Patrick & Shelby bring.

Speaking of these two, I absolutely enjoyed their day and getting to know them a bit. their ceremony was incredibly special, and any time we had them for photos, they killed it! The whole party, friends, and family really made this day and night something special.

Show these two some love and watch their full film ASAP!!

Until next film,

- Bryan

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