ray + paige


modern love story with a vintage twist // 6-11-16

I was extremely excited for this wedding.

A long while ago, I met up with Ray & Paige and talked with them about filming their wedding. The talk was great, but when we dispersed, I didn't hear from them...for a long time. Two months later I received an email from them saying that they finally had the budget for videography, and I couldn't have been happier. 

There are a ton of reason why I was excited about this wedding.

I had never filmed inside the Seelbach. I've been to a very large amount of amazing Louisville vendor sites, but I haven't had the pleasure of working with The Seelbach! Another huge reason was being able to work with Josh of Bella Grace Studios. I usually don't talk too much about photographers, but Josh and I are good friends. I've actually helped him, as a second shooter, with other weddings of his, and I film all of the highlight videos for his company, Original Makers Clubside note: If you love Louisville & Lexington, you need to seriously check out what Josh is doing for these awesome cities. So after working for him for quite a while, I finally was having the chance to work with him. 

I also knew that this wedding was going to be gorgeous. As you can see from the video, the details, florals, colors, designs, outfits, locations and people were GORGEOUS. There was so much thought placed into everything, I almost had too much footage!

And let's talk about this Vintage look. 

From the dress to the car, everything seemed like we were traveling back to the good ole days. This, of course, gave everyone a relaxed feeling and you can absolutely see that we all had fun on this incredible day.

But, we need to talk about the dress.

I don't dwell on this detail too long, but the dress, including Paige, has been worn by FIVE DIFFERENT WOMEN!!! That's five completely different weddings at different times, all within the same family. How beautiful is that?!

As you see in the video, Paige's grandma was there to witness the dress being placed on another member of the family. The best Grandma experience, though, had to be at the Anniversary dance. Her Grandma & Grandpa have been married for 64 years!! And as a little gift for being such a great example of love, Ray & Paige danced with the cute couple to the exact same song that the grandparents danced to for their first dance. You can see the moment on Grandma's face when she recognizes the song. Needless to say, there wasn't a dry eye in the room!

What a beautiful example of what love truly is. 


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