rohail + sofeia



I’ve always wanted to experience a multi-day wedding celebration. I had heard it’s quite a bit of work, but I was ready for the challenge. Little did I know, this was going to be one of my most favorite experiences so far.

I met with Rohail & Sofeia twice. Each time filling up my pages of notes with new bits of information I would study to prepare for the weekend. What I was capturing was spread amongst two days. Friday was in Lexington, and Saturday was in Louisville. And as I approached the weekend, I was super anxious but incredibly excited. From what I was being told, I was in for a fantastic time.

Friday’s event was what’s called a Mehndi. It’s a large celebration filled with traditions and elaborate dances, performances & sketches. The bride was brought into the party hoisted in the air while the groomsmen all gathered in a dance to welcome in the groom. As the Bride and Groom took their seat, the groom was then followed by family as they brought in ceremonial trays for the blessing of the Bride and Groom. This was done by applying Henna to the leaves in the palm of their hands and feeding them an abundance of treats.

The choreographed dancing and performances last for at least an hour. A non-stop expression of love for the couple through dances, a few sketches about the couple, and even a surprise performance from the couple themselves. I was smiling ear to ear during this whole night and loved piecing it all together for their highlight film.

The following day was for an event called the Shaadi. This day was meant to be a bit calmer, and a little more recognizable to your average standard wedding reception - which features a first dance, cake cutting and the exchange of rings. But there were still some great Pakistani traditions involved. A favorite of mine is the Juta Chupai & Doodh Pillai where the Bride’s side and the Grooms side barters on how much the Groom’s side is willing to spend in order to retrieve the Grooms shoe that was stolen by the Bride’s side. The same thing happened with a milk drink as well. Everyone was yelling and bartering - even the parents were getting in on the action, making sure the Bride’s side was getting paid enough. Truly a wild experience that I can wait to capture again - it really was something special.

The two days went by in a flash. I had an absolute blast with everything, and was so incredibly honored to be a part of it all!

Until the next film,

- Bryan

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