ryan + kelly



What is there to say about Ryan and Kelly, that you can't already see in this wedding film. These two have been absolutely amazing ever since they first contacted and met with me over a year ago. It was an absolute honor being there wedding videographer.

The day started perfectly with Kelly and the girls getting ready in one of Louisville's favorite wedding venues, The Henry Clay. The room was full of excitement, laughter and a little bit of dancing to top it all off. Meanwhile, the guys were getting ready just down the hall, hanging out and laughing about old times.

Once Kelly and Ryan were dressed and ready for the day, we had them stand on either side of a corner and hold hands while reading letters to each other that they both wrote on the same Dollar Store cards they picked out together. If that doesn't represent how quirky and fun this couple is, I don't know what does!

From the Henry Clay, we then moved on to St. Boniface in downtown Louisville. Side note: I think first looks are great. It's a special moment between just the couple, and it also really helps with the schedule on the day. However, there is nothing like when the groom sees his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle. Ryan’s reaction here is a testament to this statement.

One of the great things about having a wedding at the Henry Clay's is being able to move on over to the restaurant that's attached to its building- 8UP. Because from there you have a very impressive view of downtown Louisville on the roof of that building. It's a perfect spot for photos with the bride and groom as the sun sets!

The reception is where the real fun began. Kelly and her family are from Philadelphia, and it shows up many times throughout the night. From the Liberty Bell place cards, to Kelly and Ryan walking in together to the Rocky theme song (boxing gloves and all), and to even having special pretzels, driven in from Philadelphia, as snacks for the guests.

But, even though she’s from up north, Kelly & Ryan both bleed Louisville Cardinal red, and you can't call yourself a fan of the Cardinals if Louie himself doesn't show up to the party, right? Mixed in with some live music from the Louisville Crashers; you truly have a wild and incredible night.

I had a blast with these two, and I’m sure you’ll agree it was a fantastic time after watching their wedding video.

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