Ryan + Mackenzie



80% chance of rain. That was our forecast for the entire day. I was nervous about it. I knew that both ceremony & reception were to be indoors, but having time outside is still pretty important. And 80% chance of rain sounds like wet equipment to me, even if I'm just walking from my car to the church.

But, let me tell you what. It stopped raining once I arrived, and never started again. If that doesn't prove how incredible this day was, I don't know what will!

Once I arrived to the lovely Audubon Country Club, I was welcomed by everyone, including my wonderful couple (separate rooms of course). I met Ryan & Mackenzie months earlier, and I knew that this day was going to be a perfect fit. Everyone was having a great time, and as Mackenzie read her letter from Ryan, and I saw how emotional everyone got, I could picture the video playing in my head. It's those moments that make my job completely worth it.

Some other great reactions to keep an eye out for is when Mackenzie and her dad see each other, and when Ryan & Mackenzie saw their reception space, as it was kept hidden from them the entire time. 

Every moment, where I get to witness this raw emotion, keeps me going when I sit down and piece together these stories. I've said this before - I am forever grateful for being invited to the narrative of these wonderful people's life.

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- Bryan

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