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Details, Celebrations & non-stop partying - my day in Owensboro, KY.

Even though I currently live in Louisville, KY, being a Wedding Videographer brings me to places outside my city quite often. Whether it’s Florida, Texas or even D.C., I love a good trip. Even if that trip is only a few hours. Driving for a bit before a wedding day not only relaxes any nerves I might have, but get’s me mentally in the zone to be the very best that I can. I love it when the opportunity comes, and for this wedding here, it took full advantage.

I arrived at the hotel where Spencer and Megan were getting ready. I totally forgot before I got there, but I had been here prior, so I had a great idea of how the getting ready process was going to look. And as you can tell, the room is perfect. The walls are half window, and there’s typically plenty of space for us all to get around.

The getting ready process was flawless. After outfits were put on, letters were read, and gifts were exchanged - we headed out for the first look. It was a hot one, but we managed to find some shade with a lovely background. You could feel the excitement building as Spencer waited for Megan to tap him on the shoulder. As you can see in the film, the moment was perfect and a great way for nerves to ease and the celebration to begin.

After some photos with the wedding party, we arrived at the St. Martin Catholic Church for the ceremony. The pews were full and the mood was set. Nothing but smiles as Spencer saw his bride walking towards him. The event ended with a big celebration and non-stop cheering as the Bride and Groom headed out of the church and onto the reception at the Owensboro Country Club.

The cocktail hour was set at a perfect time. The sun setting gave the atmosphere a gorgeous glow as everyone grabbed their individual horseshoes with their table assignments. Drinks and snacks were passed around with eager anticipation of the couple arriving. If anyone is going to arrive in style, you know it’s going to be these two - headed out of the stretch was Spencer with a wardrobe change and Megan closely behind. It was time to party!!

The reception was immaculate - and the guests almost exceeded capacity! Everyone was there for these two. Once we were done with the usual traditions of the night, the band 30 Vice came out and absolutely killed it. I even made a mental note that this band was playing songs I had never heard at weddings! I was super impressed, and you could tell the crowd was too. Killed it!!

The night ended with a quick run through of the Dixie chili line. The pair toasting the night away with a couple of Coney dogs seems just about the best way to end the night.

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Until next film,

- Bryan

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