steve & emily



I was fully booked for the year when Emily sent me an email.

She started her inquiry with a very kind compliment about a past video, and then she asked about capturing her wedding through the highly stylized Adventure Package that I offer to people who want something that stands apart from everything else.

I was intrigued. Sure, I was booked for the year, and I even had a wedding the day after Emily’s, but it just felt like the best thing to do, and after finishing the edit on this film, I’m so glad I took on the extra work - I love this film!

I arrived at the Brown Hotel in downtown Louisville and met Emily for the first time. I could instantly tell the day was going to be great. Everyone in the room where Emily was getting ready was super nice, and Emily was relaxed and ecstatic for the day, especially the first look with her future groom, Steve, which went off without a hitch!

Super thankful for the very light rain we experienced while on the roof of the Brown. The rain let up just long enough to get some perfect imagery with Emily and Steve. Some of my favorite shots from the year happened on this day. The slow motion, mixed with the light leaks and even the wind helped make it all so dreamy and spectacular!

The ceremony and reception space was beautifully set up and perfectly intimate for an event like this. The low light required some extra grain in the footage, but with a film like this, it really made things even better!!

Emily is a blogger and a much better writer than myself. I highly recommend everyone head over to her blog and read about their big day from her perspective. You’ll get a great glance of the day through the photos taken that day.

Show these two some love and check out their wedding film above!

- Bryan

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