trey + madelyn



This wedding was quite the adventure for us all.

The week before Trey & Madelyn's big day, I was shooting a lifestyle film in San Francisco. My plan was to fly home on a Thursday, where I would pack a new suitcase with clothing for the wedding, and then turn right back around on Friday to fly to Florida for the wedding on Sunday.

My connecting flight in Denver from San Fran decided against those plans. We missed our connection due to weather and had to spend the night at the airport. The crazy good news was that I had literally everything I needed to film the wedding in my carry-ons. The bad news is that my luggage was headed back to Louisville, and I never went home. Instead I just went on and flew to Atlanta to grab my connecting flight I was going to take anyways to get to Florida. The flights worked out, I made it to Florida, and thanks to Wal-Mart (never thought I would ever say that) I was able to find something suitable to wear for the wedding!

I was ecstatic to be in Destin. Not only do my Grandparent's live nearby, but I had never done a true destination wedding before. As you can see, the wedding location was beyond perfect. I was floored. And to make it even better, Trey & Madelyn were incredible. We all had a laugh about my crazy travels, and they were super understanding about my cheap clothing and tacky tennis shoes.

The Destin Bay House is truly something special. Erin, who runs the venue, said that the place was her Grandma's! Can you imagine having that as your backyard?! If anyone wants to go get married there, make sure to bring me along!

The ceremony was gorgeous, and it happened at a perfect time because a storm was right on our tails. It only really slowed down the schedule a bit and took some daylight from getting to capture some more photos and video, but we're professionals - we made it work, and I loved everything that came from it. 

This is what I love about this new style of shooting. Amidst the chaos, there's still the beauty. And when you focus on the emotion and beauty of the day - you can get something pretty great.

Until next film,

- Bryan

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