turron + katelin


early morning wedding - brunch included // 4-15-17

It was an early morning as I drove to Danville, KY. I pulled into Warrenwood Manor with a smile of excitement to be back at this wonderful venue. It had been quite a while since I shot my last wedding at the farm, so I was very pumped to be filming there again. The weather was cool, skies were blue, and I knew today was going to be special.

Met up with Katelin and her little girl inside. As they were getting ready, I started filming, enjoying the usual calm before the frantic storm of family and friends rushing for a chance to talk to the special couple. After an hour of filming gorgeous details of the dress, florals and invitation set, Turron showed up with their two boys and things started to get into full swing. Everyone was having a great time getting ready, and all seemed hyped for the early ceremony at 10:30. 

As you can see in the film, the ceremony spot in the barn is just lovely. And both Turron & Katelin's reaction while walking down the aisle was perfect. I can only imagine the emotions felt while seeing your soon-to-be husband and lovely kids waiting for you at the end of that special walk.

The ceremony was over by 11 and what else do you feed your guests but a big brunch?! Seriously a perfect idea for your guests if you decide to have an earlier ceremony. The reception environment felt less like a formal dinner and more like a fun family get-together, similar to a block party bbq. Everyone had smiles on as they played corn-hole, danced, ate a delicious meal and watched as the lovely duo celebrated their little family uniting in marriage.

Keep your eye out at the end when the kids faces change from forced smiles to sheer excitement. When you tell the kids to smile and they can pick out a new toy, you know you're going to get the best reactions possible!

So happy for these two and even more so thankful that they allowed me to celebrate with them. 

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