zack + chelsea



What a day this way. 

I knew this would a special time once I arrived at the always lovely Polo Barn at Saxony Farm. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding and everyone seemed in great spirits for the day to come. 

The day started with the perfect moment between our Bride & Groom. They didn't want to see each other before the ceremony, but they had gifts to exchange. This situation always makes for a wonderful experience. Each person trying their hardest to not peak at the other, the emotions hitting strong of what's about to happen - Zack & Chelsea were just so much fun to be around!

The ceremony went without a hitch. It was incredibly beautiful to witness.

I've done a lot of weddings, but never one to have Food Trucks as the main meal for the reception. There were so many inspiring details involved with the Reception. From the hand-painted images of each Food Truck on the menus, the mini-Maker's Marks for the table placements, and the breathtaking aesthetic of the lighting and table settings - this reception was perfect! Plus, they had doughnuts later on in the night as the party kept the dance floor alive! 

I had an absolute blast working with everyone involved, including A Thorough Fare who killed it setting up and running the entire show, and Firm Anchor for being flawless with the direction and photography.

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- Bryan

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